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The Steel Hawks are ready for a new season and are preparing to build another amazing robot. After becoming the inaugural Hudson Valley Regional Champions, bringing STEM to the Philippines and representing the LGBTQ community in the FIRST world, we're ready to work hard to showcase the best of our capabilities and perform to our full potential . Our success depends on the support of our friends, family and community. Thank You!


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Help pay to feed students during build season.


Help pay for new small tools for our robots!


Help pay for crucial electronics.


Help cover transportation for team trips!


Because you love robots and the Steel Hawks!!!!

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  • Elizabeth Oh donated "Go, Ish and team! The MinKwon staff support you :)" - via Ishabul Haque
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  • wayne sun donated "6+ weeks of hard work" - via Ian Sun
  • Stanley Wong donated "These kids need our support." - via Ian Sun
  • Fellow Harrisite donated "Good Luck, guys!" - via Joel Heitman
  • Marilynn Heitman donated "Auntie M says go for it!"
  • Joice Im donated "good luck guys :)" - via Ishabul Haque
  • Lori Stahl-Van Brackle donated "I love seeing my former SEP students continue their robotics adventure. Goo oooooooh team!"
  • Tsai Family donated "Go Joshua T. and Team!! "
  • Ilia Torres-Lombard & Perry Lombard donated "Wishing you all the success! Way to go Gustavo!"
  • Michelle P donated "Because I know an Alum who greatly benefited from your wonderful school programs. "
  • Tony Chiarenza donated "This donation is in the loving memory of my son Anthony Michael Chiarenza 2014 who so loved THHS."
  • Vesna Paulsen donated "Good luck!!"
  • Desert Rain Lounge donated "Keep it up 👍" - via Susan Brustein
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • Sarah Yu donated "Good luck guys <3"
  • The Gerbasi Family donated "A Gift from the Gerbasi Family: Go, Steel Hawks!"
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • “An anonymous donation was made "Go Team! Go Joshua T.!"
  • Rosa Diaz donated
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  • Nirmala Raghunath donated "Brianna Raghunath It wasn't on the list above."
  • “An anonymous donation was made "Good Luck this year."
  • Sun Family donated "Just get it done!" - via Priscilla Wong
  • Moncayo's Family donated "Good Luck on the 2016 FIRST's competitions"
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  • Swathi Mettela donated "<3 good luck " - via Swathi Mettela
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