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Help out the Steel Hawks on their flight to the FIRST World Championships!
The Steel Hawks won the Hudson Valley Regional and are off to their next journey: World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. We will continue to work harder in order to be the best that we can be at Worlds. Our success depends on the support of our friends, family and community. Thank You!
  • Sam Diaz
  • Paula Fraczek
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  • Parina Kaewkrajang
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  • Abrianna Reddy
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  • Jessica Mgbeojirikwe
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  • Melanie Wong
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  • Jan Pazhayampallil
  • Neil Chen
  • Priscilla Wong
  • Valerie Shum
  • Marcus Barbu
  • Derrick Mu
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  • Justin Eng
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  • Susan Brustein
  • Daniel Sotelo-Reiner
  • Angelina Huang
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  • Joel Heitman
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  • Max Prohorov
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  • Susan Brustein
  • Mitchell Mu
  • Ryla Pasaoa
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  • James Hopkins
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  • Mili Patel
  • Ishabul Haque
  • Shuayb Siddique
  • Adamary Felipe
  • Darsiya Krishnathasan
  • Swathi Mettela
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  • Azwad Islam
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  • Joshua Raghunath
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  • Joshua Tsai
$12,472 Raised since October 22, 2014

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One week Light Rail Card in St. Louis, MO


Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in St. Louis, MO


One Night Hotel Accommodations in St. Louis, MO


Gets 1 plane ticket for a student to World Championships in St. Louis


Because you love robots and the Steel Hawks!!!!

What we're up to

  • Vijay Sookai donated
  • Paula Fraczek donated "I'm so proud of how far you guys have come since the last time we made it to St. Louis. Good luck at worlds!"
  • Yanitza Brignoni donated "Good luck in St Louis" - via Daniel Sotelo-Reiner
  • Lisa Reiner donated "Proud of you and your team! Hard work, team spirit and fun are a great combination!" - via Daniel Sotelo-Reiner
  • Hasan R. Islam donated "Proud of you all already. Now lets show St. Louis and the world who the boss is. Go Azwad and Steel Hawks." - via Azwad Islam
  • Sasha Karpova donated "Go Max & team!! " - via Max Prohorov
  • Gerren Young donated "Good luck out there and have a lot of fun! Wish you all the best" - via Azwad Islam
  • Yvonne Wong-Fein donated "Congratulations Mitchell and Derrick!! You make me so proud! Bring home the win! Go Steelhawks! ;)" - via Mitchell Mu
  • Hannah Yoon donated "Good luck to you all! So happy to be supporting Ish & all of his awesome teammates :)" - via Ishabul Haque
  • Wennie Chin donated "Good luck, Ishabul!!" - via Ishabul Haque
  • Ju-Bum Cha donated "Go Ishabul and Team!" - via Ishabul Haque
  • Elizabeth Oh donated "Go, Ish and team! The MinKwon staff support you :)" - via Ishabul Haque
  • Paul Li donated
  • wayne sun donated "6+ weeks of hard work" - via Ian Sun
  • Stanley Wong donated "These kids need our support." - via Ian Sun
  • Fellow Harrisite donated "Good Luck, guys!" - via Joel Heitman
  • Marilynn Heitman donated "Auntie M says go for it!"
  • Joice Im donated "good luck guys :)" - via Ishabul Haque
  • Lori Stahl-Van Brackle donated "I love seeing my former SEP students continue their robotics adventure. Goo oooooooh team!"
  • Tsai Family donated "Go Joshua T. and Team!! "
  • Ilia Torres-Lombard & Perry Lombard donated "Wishing you all the success! Way to go Gustavo!"
  • Michelle P donated "Because I know an Alum who greatly benefited from your wonderful school programs. "
  • Tony Chiarenza donated "This donation is in the loving memory of my son Anthony Michael Chiarenza 2014 who so loved THHS."
  • Vesna Paulsen donated "Good luck!!"
  • Desert Rain Lounge donated "Keep it up 👍" - via Susan Brustein
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • Sarah Yu donated "Good luck guys <3"
  • The Gerbasi Family donated "A Gift from the Gerbasi Family: Go, Steel Hawks!"
  • “An anonymous donation was made
  • “An anonymous donation was made "Go Team! Go Joshua T.!"

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